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Customer Testimonials

Oliver Spencer
St. James’s Place Wealth Management

I have had the pleasure of working with L&H for a number of years. They fit in with the way I work and support me in the areas where I need help. It releases time for me to concentrate on servicing my clients – who pay my bills.

If you are a partner or advisor, outsourcing parts of your back office administration is a decision you will eventually face. Using L&H for your administration makes that decision easy.

Martello Wealth Management
St James’s Place Wealth Management
“Marianne and her team were great to help when I was short staffed. Through their SJP experience, they were able to tackle all the issues that needed dealing with ranging from complex admin issues through to diary management and dealing with clients. Highly recommended!”
Mark Taylor – Dip PFS
Founder Member & Senior Partner
St. James’s’ Place Wealth Management

“ When working at arm’s length with a team of “virtual” support staff, it is incredibly refreshing to have such a bubbly and enthusiastic team working at the other end of the phone/e-mail!
Keen to learn, thorough and very attentive to detail, their wealth of experience in Financial Services and particularly with SJP is invaluable. 
You could not ask for a more professional and speedy response team, always covering for each other if the need arises. Work with them, there is never a dull moment!”

Robert Palmer – Dip PFS

St. James’s Place Wealth Management

I have found L&H’s Virtual PA service an invaluable addition to my SJP Practice and have no hesitation in recommending them to other Partners’.

Sophie de Rouet – Associate Partner

St. James’s Place Wealth Management

L&H take all the boring admin off my desk and put it onto theirs, freeing up my time and allowing me to focus on the more interesting (profitable) aspects of my job. I can’t imagine coping without them. They remain cheerful and charming in the face of endless stupid requests and questions. 

Peter Shepherd & Alex Murphy – First Choice Financial Management Ltd

Wealth Management Solutions 

We have been using the services of L&H for 18 months and they are now an integral part of business. Their prices are competitive, and the service they provide is excellent both in terms of speed and accuracy. The staff at L&H are extremely friendly and helpful and they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience between them. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our friends or colleagues. 

Parminder Bains – Practice Principal & Director of PSB Wealth Management Ltd. 


“I started to run my own Practice in Jan 2010 am very quickly recognised that I needed the support of personal assistants in order to maximise the potential of my business. I had neither the space nor the organisational infrastructure to provide such support. Instead, in Spring 2011 I turned to the professional services of L&H Professional Services Ltd for a long-term, mutually beneficial solution. I have been very impressed by their overall professional demeanour; their in-depth knowledge of both the financial services sector generally, and of SJPP in particular; their ability to quickly analyse my requirements and (very quickly) respond with appropriate value-adding solutions.  


I have had limited previous experience of using PA services nor, indeed, of managing systems, processes or people. The worth of L&H Professional Services Ltd services was immediately apparent in that they had the skills and experience to simultaneously deliver immediate benefit to me and my Practice, while helping me to create new systems appropriate to the developing needs of my businesses.


I would rate L&H Professional Services Ltd as among the finest providers of business support services that I have worked with – Why? L&H Professional Services Ltd is an expertly run outfit that does exactly as it says it will, or communicates why it cannot. This is priceless in the service sector. Their many services are to a consistently high standard, yet flexible, and are always delivered with a smile. But their (virtually) unique skill is that they understand how to build effective business relationships in pressurised contexts where their clients may not have the skills, experience or wherewithal to do so. They have well honed process improvement consultancy skills. This means that not only do their clients receive excellent PA skills, but that they also get systems set-up and process improvement thrown in for free! 


I have no hesitation in commending the services of L&H Professional Services Ltd – you may find their equal, somewhere, but not better.”

Trevor Gower – St. James’s Place Wealth Management

“L&H provide a valued, professional service, allowing me to focus on other areas of business development, whilst knowing that my client administration is in safe hands.”